Swasth Hindustan Mission connects deserving patients to sponsor corporates and medical institutions through an army of volunteers and a countrywide database of deserving beneficiaries....

About Us

Preventive Health Care for Those Who Are not Aware

Swasth Hindustan Mission is a project of Human Service International, a non-profit organization based in Bengaluru, India. Initially, Human Service International-USA was launched in 2001 in Iowa, USA. Over the years, there has been a steady rise of diseases in India. Due to this compelling need we launched our work in India in 2010. Swasth Hindustan Mission was launched with the goal of creating awareness and prevention before it is too late.

Our Work

At Swasth Hindustan Mission, we have defined our efforts at preventative health care for free through:

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  • Treatment for deserving patients through sponsorship...  Know More
  • Donate A Life Program...  Know More

Vision & Mission


Building a healthy nation with community partnership

  • To conduct health awareness programs
  • To conduct free preventive health checkups.
  • To promote healthy and holistic life style changes
  • To advocate for good quality equal health opportunity for every person.
  • To create community-corporate partnership for disease prevention and health promotion
  • To coordinate with government health agencies in affecting policy changes, identifying and implementing key tasks vital for community health.

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Everyone One of Us have the Power to Save Lives

Volunteers is the foot army of Swasth Hindustan Mission. Wherever you are, if you feel you can save lives in your village, or community or institution, take the leadership and organize the list of needy people who may need a free health check which may alert them of any existing health problem that can be prevented before it is too late. There are various types of volunteer opportunities available. One can volunteer to serve in your own community or help in another location chosen by us.

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We partner with organizations, institutions and individuals and fulfil this urgent need of preventative health care for our society. For us partners are those that point to a deserving beneficiary -- a medical facility that provides for needy individuals or a company that supports the needs of patients. The various partnerships we work with are:

Partner Medical Institutions
Corporate Partnership
Partner Philanthropists
Entertainment Partnership
Media Partnership

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Swasth Hindustan Mission is advocating for good quality, reliable Preventive Health Check-up for all

There is an epidemic of Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, mental health disorders, diabetes, and cancer. In addition, water borne, air borne and life style diseases add to the national disease burden. Health care is getting costlier for average person and the cost effective health centers are ill-equipped and crowded. The private healthcare centers are confined to only those who can afford high cost of treatment.

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Beneficiary Experience

I used to fall sick and get exhausted easily after small activity. When I visit the local doctor I get some medication to feel better. My daughter asked me to go for complete body checkup. I could not afford a full checkup as it was expensive. After years of suffering I borrowed money from a friend and went to a bigger hospital. Doctors told both of my kidneys have failed. I wish I had done a health checkup early.

Adil, Yelahanka, Bangalore

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